The Beast and Dr. Phares

Daniel Pipes unreasonable hit piece on Donald Trump in the Philadelphia Inquirer
April 9, 2016
Daily Beast’s Shane Harris ridicules himself in a failed attack on Trump’s Advisor Phares
April 10, 2016

The Beast and Dr. Phares

Without doubt, this article by Shane Harris in the Daily Beast is the most incoherent to date of all the slanderous pieces on Dr. Walid Phares, counterterrorism and foreign policy advisor to Donald Trump. The Beast is owned by Barry Diller’s IAC Corporation and Diller has publicly stated that if Trump wins the Presidency, he will “either move out of the country or join the resistance” and that he would “cross the street” to avoid the Republican frontrunner to whom he hasn’t spoken for over 30 years. Not unexpectedly, the Beasthas been running anti-Trump articles regularly with an eye to dig up dirt from any quarter.

Full Article Here: [ New English Review ]

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