Trump: Our Middle East Allies ‘Have Not Proven to Be Great Fighters’

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April 30, 2016
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Trump: Our Middle East Allies ‘Have Not Proven to Be Great Fighters’

Donald Trump said American allies in the Middle East lack skills at fighting against the Islamic State and “they have not proven to be great fighters,” the Republican presidential candidate told Fox News host Sean Hannity Monday night.

“You look, a lot of the people we’re supporting, they haven’t been great with the fighting,” Trump added.

The GOP front-runner believes the U.S. can help fight against ISIS, but the Middle East allies must take action themselves, reports Politico.

“Our military is totally depleted,” Trump said, and U.S. allies drop their weapons, run, “and the enemy ends up picking up our equipment.”

“We can help them with airstrikes and lots of other things,” Trump added. “They’re gonna have to do the fighting.”

The real estate mogul noted the U.S. has spent “probably $4 trillion in the Middle East.”

Hannity asked if Trump, as president, could get Saudis, Jordanians, and Egyptians to fight against ISIS.

“They’re going to have to,” Trump responded.

The billionaire developer wants to focus on the infrastructure in the U.S. first, telling Hannity, “We have to get back to rebuilding our country.”

Trump weighed in about relations elsewhere in the Middle East, between Israel and the Palestinians, according to the Jewish Insider, saying a peace deal between them would be “a beauty.”

“I think the deal can be made,” Trump said, reports the Jewish Insider.

Credit: Joe Crowe at Newsmax – complete article [ HERE ]

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