“Two Readings” from Washington

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May 28, 2016
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“Two Readings” from Washington

An Nahar
 My good friend Hisham Melhem published a “reading” in Beirut’s al Nahar, of the current electoral situation in the United States, mostly arguing that Trump’s clinching the magic number of 1237 confirmed delegates already this past week “is not a real victory,” mainly because many politicians inside the Republican Party aren’t yet supporting him. Hisham cites the opposition by former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate then, today’s Speaker Paul Ryan, unwilling to endorse Trump, yet.


Hisham is a seasoned journalist with a great pen. He distinguished himself by being the first Arab journalist, if not American journalist to interview President Obama in 2009 for al Arabiya. His assessments are serious. However I slightly disagree on his assessment in this article. Knowing that he backed Obama against McCain in 2008, heavily criticized Romney versus Obama in 2012, he doesn’t hide that he sides with Clinton against Trump, in as much as I back Trump against the political successor of Obama, former Secretary of States Hilary Clinton. The issue is not about siding, it is about assessing. Ironically I was Romney’s advisor in 2012 and I did enjoy and value that experience. And indeed there was a deeper divide in the Republican primaries this cycle. But the gap is shrinking, and by the Convention in July, the grand majority will consolidate around the nominee, not everyone happy about it, but it will. That’s what happened in 2012 when many figures opposed to Romney vividly, reunited in their opposition then against Obama.


In this season, Trump has discovered a pool of citizens, formally marginalized in the electoral process. That pool is voting in this cycle. This is the bottom line of the equation. The real question is: will this new pool of non voters change the balance of power in the national election against Clinton? Chances are that it will.

Article by An Nahar [ HERE ]

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