Tom Harb on Fox & Friends

Washington delegate Hossein Khorram is a supporter of Donald Trump. KUOW PHOTO/MATT MARTIN
Response to Washington Post Article by Josh Rogin
August 10, 2016
Trump: Obama and Clinton turned Iraq to Iran
August 11, 2016

Tom Harb on Fox & Friends

Orlando shooter’s father attends Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee Fl

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  1. G.K.M. says:

    Dear Mr. Harb,

    Important. Regarding Hillary’s Emails.

    One major issue the Trump Campaign is not raising and that is so very risky and dangerous for the security of the US, and that should be a major subject for the people of the US to consider before they vote.
    I explain my reasoning:
    1- Every one already knows that Hillary deleted more than 30,000 emails that were in her private server.
    2- The FBI said, the said server is less secure than Gmail, which means that it is easy to be hacked.
    3- Deleting those emails means that she had to hide something?
    4- It is highly probable that the content of that email could carry some evidence for her indictment.
    5- It is also highly possible that some hackers are already in possession of those emails or part of it (as Wikileaks hinted).
    6- The potential hacker (which could be an enemy wanting to harm the US) will be considering two alternatives:
    A- Disclose the emails now i.e. well before the election to bring her down and, in this case, help Trump becomes the President?
    B- Hold on the emails until she becomes president and then use it to blackmail her and make her execute whatever policy he desires. ?

    Alternative A, in my opinion, shall be an innocent initiative from someone who dose not have a political agenda other than helping Trump.
    But Alternative B, and especially, if the lost emails are in possession of an enemy of the US, then here is the catastrophe??? Because If Hillary is elected and blackmailed, she will execute whatever the blackmailer asks her to do, i.e. she will execute the hacker’s agenda, whether it is domestic or international policy, even if this agenda is against the US interests, because if she does not obey the hacker she risks to be indicted and impeached etc.. As we know her character, she will prefer her own interest over the interests of our country.
    Would the people of the US take that risk?? This is the big question that must be raised the sooner in the media.
    I wish that this question goes on TV via Mr. Trump himself or Hannity or Juliani etc…
    If you like to discuss it further please send me an email with a phone number to call.

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