AMCT American Egyptian Press release 8-19-16

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August 18, 2016
AMCT American Turkish PR 8-19-16
August 20, 2016

AMCT American Egyptian Press release 8-19-16

American Middle East Coalition for Trump


August 19, 2016


Dear Mr. Donald Trump:

On the behalf of the Muslim Community in Orlando, Florida, we appreciate your public statements and your commitment to protect American Muslims as citizens of this great country.

The Egyptian American community appreciates the honest examination that Mr. Trump provided in his speech in Ohio early this week regarding Egypt. President Elsissi has made tremendous advances against terrorists in the Sinai and Egypt and 90% of the Egyptian people support him and stand by him in his effort to bring real democracy to Egypt. The military in Egypt understands the need for democracy and freedom for all Egyptians, but at this time, the country is in need of strong leadership so that the civil and political societies in Cairo will become fully prepared to carry on this mission.

Egypt has suffered from the tyranny and mafia-like Islamic rule of Mr. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood organization. Islam was the image projected on the surface, but underneath it lay ruthless and power-hungry politicians. The issue that all Muslim countries must face is who is going to lead the reform of the basic fundamental structure and practice of Islam as a religion and transform their societies. Indeed, only 10% of the Muslim people are radical and they hate the West in all its aspects. Those minorities, with their evil tactics, terrorize the general population and create momentum that can explode within those countries, while they also export terrorist activities to Europe and the USA, which we have seen very clearly since 9/11.

Democracy in the United States and Europe is under threat by Islamic radicals who live among us, sharing the freedom that the constitution grants us all – free speech, freedom of assembly and the free practice of religion.

Mr. Trump has stated very clearly that, “anyone who endorses violence, hatred or oppression is not welcome in our country.” Furthermore, he stated that, “the failed policy of nation building and regime change that Hillary Clinton pushed in Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Libya” has led directly to the mass migration into Europe and to mass killing all over the entire Middle East.

America must be united to win the battle against radical Islam. Trump will lead the way and design a strategy that will wipe out those radicals. This, in turn, will assist Middle Eastern nations in their efforts to rid their territories of those evil politicians who have sold their consciences to radical Islam. Democracy must be earned; it is not free. Mr. Trump will ignite a movement in the Islamic world and empower peaceful Muslims to reform their Islamic practice.



Dr Ashley Ansara, DVM, PhD

CEO Regency Holding

Altamonte Springs, FL

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and reflect the view of Dr Ansara.

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