AMCT Press Release 8.18.16

AMCT American Turkish PR 8-19-16
August 20, 2016
AMCTrump's Tom Harb
AMCTrump’s Tom Harb on France 24 ( Arabic)
August 21, 2016

AMCT Press Release 8.18.16

American Mideast Coalition for Trump

August 19, 2016

Donald J. Trump

Trump for President

New York, New York

RE: Trump’s Policy Address on Fighting Radical Islam

The American Mideast Coalition for Trump (AMCT) heartily endorses the brave speech given by Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump from Youngstown, Ohio on Monday, August 15, 2016. Mr. Trump’s bold and brave statements against the evil forces of Islamic Fundamentalists and the need to defeat them were a breath of fresh air after seven and a half years of failed policy from President Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

After going through the litany of recent terrorist attacks both here and abroad, Mr. Trump laid out in exquisite detail, what he will do to confront and, ultimately, to defeat radical Islamic extremism. He spoke plainly and directly to the American people and without fear. We in the AMCT rose in our chairs in pride at the moral clarity of his pronouncements.

Mr. Trump pointed out the failings of Mrs. Clinton and how her actions have led to the destabilization of the entire Middle East and indeed, much of the world, due to her wrongheaded, shortsighted and corrupt decisions. While she and President Obama have put their faith in the Muslim Brotherhood and the Mullahs in Tehran and their ilk, Mr. Trump made it clear that he will work with the moderate, secular forces, minorities and women’s rights activists throughout the region and their like-minded brethren here in the US. That is exactly who we are in the AMCT.

We have been crying out to the Obama administration for seven and a half long years that his policy is hurting our allies, crumbling nations, causing huge refugee flows, destroying ancient civilizations and their patrimony and subjecting Christians, Yazidis and others to genocide. Our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Mr. Obama, to this day, fails to recognize that a war has been declared against the United States and the whole civilized world. He and Mrs. Clinton fail to call our declared enemy what they call themselves, Islamic warriors. They make false claims about the motive of these attacks, such as mental illness, workplace violence and poverty to hide the real motive of Jihad from our citizens. This grand deception will end when Donald Trump is elected President.

The AMCT is the largest coalition of Middle Eastern Americans ever assembled. We are Christians and Muslims, Arab, Persian, Assyro-Chaldean, Kurdish and Turkish. In our diversity we stand united in support of Donald J. Trump and against the civilizational war that has been thrust upon us. We witnessed first-hand in our homelands the death and destruction that happens when Islamists gain the upper hand. We will not let that happen in the cradle of liberty. Mr. Trump will put America first and ensure that we remain, the greatest nation known to man.


John Hajjar, Co-Chair
American Mideast Coalition for Trump

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  1. Ashley Ansara says:

    I believe Trump is a visionary and a true American Hero. This is the time for the American people to stand behind him to bring America back to be the leader of the free world. Our economy has to be strengthen to be able to win the war against terrorism. Therefore, I support Trump for the President of the United States.

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