AMCTrump’s Tom Harb on France 24 ( Arabic)

AMCT Press Release 8.18.16
August 20, 2016
Walid Phares on Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Agenda C-SPAN Aug-21-2016
August 21, 2016

AMCTrump’s Tom Harb on France 24 ( Arabic)

AMCTrump's Tom Harb

Main Points of Interview – Manafort resignation was a management decision within the campaign, people are voting for Trump and Pence not for a director of operation, regardless of what Manafort worked on in the past as a civilian with  foreign government or private, the true corruption is with Mrs Clinton while she was Secretary of State and she facilitated the sale of Uranium companies to the Russian and Bill Clinton was engaging in speeches for millions of dollars.
Mr. Trump in his speeches in the last few days outlined the economic and security agenda including eradicating ISIS, very positive feed back from Arab countries  such as Egypt, Jordan, Arab gulf states etc.. We haven’t seen any comparable plan from Mrs Clinton – other than she will continue the Obama policy which is a disaster and her support to the Iranian deal which is another disaster to the Arab world.

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