An Iranian American’s Letter to Donald J. Trump

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August 21, 2016
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August 24, 2016

An Iranian American’s Letter to Donald J. Trump

August 23, 2016

Dear Mr. Trump,

As an American -MidEast Coalition for Trump member I strongly believe that the United States has been the beacon of democracy and staunch promoter of freedom, liberty and justice for all, throughout her existence. Please continue this honorable tradition and do not allow the non-elected, self-appointed Islamic Republic of Iran rulers who have enslaved the Iranian people in the name of God to continue casting terror and intimidation.

This great country gave us sanctuary and treated us as one of her own children when my parents escaped from Iran with little more that our lives. Although we had never set foot on this great land before, we always knew that America was where all men enjoyed unalienable rights and that among those are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Life in America has taken this Iranian immigrant to a place that I could not have dreamed of 37 years ago such that I have the honor to be one of your Seattle event cohosts and one of your required 1237 Delegate votes at the Republican National Convention.

Iranians are the same people who, in defiance to their government’s orders, took to the streets of Iran shortly after September 11, 2001 and held the largest candle light vigil, risking their lives, to show their support for United States and condemn such a cowardly terrorist act, while their government chanted “death to America” during the Friday prayers.

Although the Islamic Republic of Iran is a signatory to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it has never respected its provisions and has committed atrocities against other religions, women, minors, the LGBT community, civil society and anyone else who disagrees with them. By political assassinations, torture, rape, and other despicable actions, the regime has built a religious apartheid system with a savagery never before witnessed in history. In fact the Sunni Daesh Caliphate is a reaction and the result of Iranian Shiite Jihadism with its bloody finger prints on the bodies of thousands of our servicemen.

President’s Obama’s Iran nuclear deal totally ignores the atrocities of the Iranian government over the past 37 years, which has proven the fact that, it is a terrorist government which thrives on creating and promoting terror both inside and outside its borders. How can we trust the lives of our citizens with a nuclear armed Iran when this regime has no respect and mercy for its own people?

Let’s change our ill-considered policies and put our long-term interest ahead of our short-term gains. We should invest in our allies which are the Iranian people internally and many of Iran’s neighbors externally. By making the clerical regime’s behavior a condition of any nuclear negotiations, not only are we going to protect our citizens better but also we will have been true to the fabric and values that our great Republic was built upon.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to discuss the unacceptable clerical regime’s behavior during your Seattle visit.

Hossein Khorram
At large Delegate RNC Cleveland
Trump Victory Bundler

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