Trump Wins over Democrat and Independent Voters!

Phares to BBC: “On Yemen Washington is shielding Iran allies from Arab Coalition”
August 28, 2016
Dr Alveda King
Dr Martin Luther King’s Niece Endorses DONALD J TRUMP, “I Fully Agree with So Many Things That He’s Saying”
August 30, 2016

Trump Wins over Democrat and Independent Voters!

At a recent Donald Trump rally, Millie Weaver discovers that a significant number of attendees are democrats who have become Donald Trump supporters. It’s becoming very apparent that many registered Democrats support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton despite mainstream media’s attempt to demonize Donald Trump while desperately propping-up Hillary Clinton.


Note: You cannot keep lying over and over and over again and expect your base to continue supporting you – it is an insult to them to continue supporting a crooked candidate, Donald J Trump is not only about Change, but he is about the Right Change in the Right Direction at the Right Time. He speaks like us, no twists, no political spin, just honesty. When they look at the stage today they know that God is with Donald J Trump and he most represents the American Dream. Editor AMCTrump.

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