Governor Pence Outperforms Obnoxious Kaine.

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October 1, 2016
Obnoxious Tim Kaine Interrupts Governor Pence 72 Times
October 5, 2016

Governor Pence Outperforms Obnoxious Kaine.


Governor Mike Pence outshined his rival last night with his demeanour and this morning is more widely acclaimed and very Vice Presidential, Kaine interrupted Pence more than 70 times in last night’s debate in a clear showing that demonstrates the top leadership of the democratic party cannot even sit at the table and have a civil discourse.

Winners – Clearly *Mike Pence*: From the start of the debate, Governor Pence was the more comfortable of the two at the table. Governor Pence consistently turned to the Camera, making it very clear that he understood the real audience was the millions of American People watching on the TV. Governor Pence was calm, cool, collected and appeared very Vice Presidential in commanding his position and articulating the position of Donald J. Trump throughout. This was in stark contrast to a fast talking and apparently nervous Kaine, who consistently interrupted Governor Pence throughout.

Losers – Clearly *Tim Kaine*: Tim Kaine’s performance strikes a bad chord from the outset that the leadership of the Democratic party cannot even sit at the table with their counters and the American People. Kaine appeared to be intimated by the Donald J Trump movement, a movement that has clear goals to help America be Great Again. This is in contrast to the same ole empty campaign promises that the Democrat’s are running on.

Conclusion – Governor Mike Pence clearly defeated his rival throughout the night and appeared to the World Vice Presidential.

– Editor, AMCTrump.ORG

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