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October 24, 2016
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November 5, 2016


INDIAN-AMERICANS FOR TRUMP 2016   11 Pinewood Lane ▪ Warren, New Jersey ▪ 07059

Dr. A. D. Amar, President
Tel. 732-469-8319 or Cell 908-917-8999

Dave Makkar, Treasurer
Tel. 973-416-1400 or Cell 973-760-6006

Anand Ahuja, Esq., Vice President
Tel. 516-502-3262 or Cell 917-554-6371

Victor Sordillo, Advisor to the Board



PR IAFT 11 01 2016

Last Call to NeverTrumper Republicans

Come Home Before the Doors Shut

WARREN – NJ, November 1, 2016 – The Indian-Americans for Trump 2016, that had predicted Trump victory in December 2015, in collaboration with the New Jersey Conservative GOP, implores NeverTrumper Republicans to accept the new Republican movement that gave rise to Donald J. Trump.

We are organizing an effort to allow all NeverTrumpers a forum to endorse Trump for President or, at the minimum, declare their vote for Trump. This offering is planned for this week. The venue will be Woodbridge, NJ on a date yet to be determined based on the convenience of such Republicans.

We believe that this effort will not just guarantee that Republicans keep the House, but would also assure that they keep the Senate control, in addition to winning the White House. If the NeverTrumpers do not come home, we will all lose. Nevertheless, they will lose more. They will be left out of this revolution taking place in Republican ranks.

We have individually contacted prominent Republicans, New Jersey 2017 gubernatorial candidates, who are among the NeverTrumpers, and invited them to come home. We hope they accept, as these new Republicans will close the doors on those who decide to stay out.

All Republicans are requested to spread the word among their colleagues who are NeverTrumpers.

For more detail, please contact Dr. A D Amar, President of Indian-Americans for Trump 2016, at (908) 917 8999 or


Indian-Americans for Trump 2016 is an FEC registered PAC, formed in January 2016, by prominent Indian-American professionals and community activists, to help the election of Donald J. Trump. The officers of the Indian-Americans for Trump 2016 urge all Americans, specifically the Indian-Americans, to join in the effort, and support Donald Trump in his endeavor to make America great again by electing him the next President of the USA. Interested individuals may contact Dr. A. D. Amar at or Attorney Mr. Anand Ahuja at or Mr. Dave Makkar at or Mr. Vic Sordillo at 


Donald Trump—Best Hope to Make America Great Again

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