Quick polling by RT in the Arab World

AMCTrump’s Sal Simsek on US Turkish TV Debating for Trump
November 5, 2016
Hossein Khorram (left) at a Republican viewing party of a presidential debate in Bellevue, Washington. KUOW PHOTO/HEBAH FISHER
A Muslim who supports Trump despite the words that come from his mouth
November 7, 2016

Quick polling by RT in the Arab World

Astonishing results

Tom Harb Co-Chair of AMCT on RT tv advocating for Trump’s policy will be better for the Middle East, RT polling during and immediately after interview 79.1% for Trump vs 20.9 for Clinton.

Harb explained Clinton position of supporting the Muslim brotherhood and continuing Obama policy by supporting the Iranian Mullahs, the Mullahs took over Lebanon and are supporting the Houthies in Yemen where they are planning eventually to build a military base in Yemen and eventually can launch missiles against Mecca. Also, Iran has military cooperation with Eritrea which can have military bases where they can undermine Egypt and control the red sea.

While Trump administration will void the Iran deal and re-build the relation with the Arab countries to form Arab troops to go into Syrian & Iraq to take out ISIS, create safe zones inside Syria.

Trump will place the Muslim Brotherhood on the Terrorist list.

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